You look scared. You scared boy?
Time: 41:45
Views: 29,178
Don't worry, we won't show anyone
Time: 50:40
Views: 35,015
Line up you bitch pledges! It's go time!
Time: 44:32
Views: 31,165
We only record it for review later on ;)
Time: 46:51
Views: 36,790
You're ripped. You're going to be great
Time: 48:01
Views: 26,850
We fuck new pledges for dinner
Time: 40:44
Views: 24,688
Yes you have to do this to get in
Time: 48:26
Views: 24,602
Shots to take some cock
Time: 55:39
Views: 21,109
Inspect some cocks lined up
Time: 47:39
Views: 36,726
You look better with 3 dicks on you
Time: 41:33
Views: 29,795
Stop crying, and just suck his cock
Time: 48:37
Views: 25,124
First they have to suck dick
Time: 40:15
Views: 38,671
Our version of the Eiffel Tower
Time: 52:32
Views: 29,461
Yeah we're all going to watch
Time: 45:57
Views: 26,628
Our ritual says you take it in the ass
Time: 42:27
Views: 27,118
Look at those new fresh butts
Time: 48:29
Views: 22,048
Can you guess why you're blindfolded?
Time: 51:03
Views: 30,772
Don't act like you don't want cum
Time: 55:02
Views: 24,091
Some nice new jacked pledges for us
Time: 40:31
Views: 37,380
You're about to be his little bitch
Time: 53:35
Views: 28,606
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