Line up for the fuck train!
Time: 43:30
Views: 21,806
Inspect some cocks lined up
Time: 54:41
Views: 34,834
The right way to keg stand
Time: 53:33
Views: 25,857
Behind over more
Time: 50:27
Views: 39,584
You're pretty good at this
Time: 47:45
Views: 28,986
Suck it! Suck it hard pledge!
Time: 46:29
Views: 30,628
Step one of their hunt complete. Nice!
Time: 54:16
Views: 35,955
Your face is great for catching cum
Time: 44:40
Views: 27,103
If you can suck dick, you're in
Time: 53:40
Views: 29,165
All the pledges have to give a blowjob
Time: 42:28
Views: 35,305
Our ritual says you take it in the ass
Time: 42:43
Views: 25,352
You're the number one new cocksucker
Time: 44:38
Views: 39,216
Just don't bite down or choke
Time: 40:29
Views: 30,514
Get your face down in there!
Time: 44:08
Views: 39,636
First they have to suck dick
Time: 44:37
Views: 34,667
All the new pledges have to do this
Time: 51:01
Views: 24,657
Lay down and take your tea bagging
Time: 44:54
Views: 30,127
Quick! Suck his dick before he wakes up
Time: 40:10
Views: 23,516
Don't worry, we won't show anyone
Time: 46:01
Views: 36,906
Save a horse, ride a cowboy
Time: 53:13
Views: 26,450
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